Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hill's Science Diet Adult Dry Cat Food.(adult cat food)

adult cat food
February 25, 2013
By S. M. Nappi (CT, United States) -

This review is from: Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food, 15.5-Pound Bag (Misc.)
Okay - I am not a person who would ever think of spending this much money on a cat food but this stuff works! Let me set the stage - we invested in low-allergen kittens (Siberians) and after a few weeks, one started to show signs of, um, stomach distress. Well, it was distressing to all of us because the smell could CLEAR a room. It was AWFUL! While she was still gaining weight, I was forced to live with the terrible smell. After testing for parasites and other things, she came back with a clean bill of health but the smell and consistency (sorry) was still a problem. Our vet recommended we try this diet. I was willing to do ANYTHING. Let me tell you, after a few days, her poop resembled her sister's (NORMAL) with hardly any smell!!! Our noses thank Science Diet. Oh, and the cats LOVE the taste - we have had to be careful because they wolf it down and tend to eat more than their other food. If you have a cat with REALLY smelly poop - you may want to give this a try!!! 

November 8, 2013
By Sunshine -

This review is from: Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food, 7-Pound Bag (Misc.)
For 10 years we have used ONLY sensitive stomach Science Diet for our cat as his primary food. He also like to lick the gravy from the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Chicken and also the Ginger treats. He knows his belly is sensitive and never gets sick on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. If you cat is throwing up and you don't know why and it's not an illness, try this Sensitive Stomach (there is also Sensitive Skin, but it's not the same formula so make sure you grab the right bag. 
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